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Lucy Marner is a fully qualified Personal Trainer based in Bromley, Kent. She lives with her husband and three beautiful children. Lucy has a background in music and dance, she was a student from the age of thirteen at Italia Conti Performing Arts School in London, and went on to have a young career in the music industry as a vocalist. 


Years later, after the birth of her first son, Lucy hired a personal trainer to come and help her get back into shape, and her trainer inspired her to start a career in the fitness industry. The following year, Lucy qualified as a personal trainer and went on to find her niche; specialising in training pre and post-natal clients, working mainly with new mums, but women off all abilities! 


After eight years of experience, Lucy now has her own fabulous home gym studio with top-of-the-line equipment and facilities. 


All sessions are held at Lucy’s private studio, in the heart of Keston Park, Kent. Lucy will help you to achieve your personal goals, through cardio, strength and resistance training with all the equipment needed, to give you a fully energising workout, and can also help you with fat loss and nutrition. 


If you’re not local to the area but would still like some help with your health and fitness, then Lucy also offers Online Coaching, via the new LM Fitness app! Click the link below to find more information on face-to-face Personal Training and Online Coaching.


Having a personal training session here in the LM Fitness private studio is a great way to kick start your health and fitness journey. Whether you’ve not exercised for a while and need some motivation, or you’re looking to further increase your fitness level and build more muscle, we will help you to achieve your personal goals. 

​Lucy will keep you motivated through your training programme with healthy eating guidance, regular advice and accountability, to stay on track to help support your training. By making sure you get all the right foods to fuel your body, whilst still being able to enjoy delicious meals and snacks, and with weekly weigh-ins and measurements, it will be unlikely that you will fall off track!

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Lucy Marner Fitness

Keston Park


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Lucy is helping me to find a flexible but effective approach to nutrition and training that suits my schedule and promotes a long term lifestyle change. Lucy is super knowledgable about nutrition and has so many tips on how to tweak certain meals to make them packed with protein. 


Lucy’s support has been invaluable. She ensured I remained strong and well during pregnancy so that my c-section recovery went smoothly, and she taught me so much about nutrition and movement, that my lifestyle has changed massively and I love exercise for the first time in 34 years! I can’t recommend Lucy enough!


 We are all new mums and Lucy lets us bring our babies along, sometimes its chaos, but it's so convenient and nice we can keep our eyes on them. Lucy pushes us loads each week and keeps us motivated and encourages us to eat well throughout the week. Her Instagram page keeps me inspired, and she's always giving us new and more challenging exercises each week.

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