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"I'm in the early stages of training with Lucy, and so far, she has been nothing short of excellent. She is friendly, makes the sessions fun, and works you hard. Above everything else, she is really knowledgable, and very committed to helping me achieve my goals. I know that with regular sessions I am going to re-find my love of fitness and tone up my body at the same time! Lucy is also very aware of your personal circumstances, be that work, children or something else, and is really accommodating and flexible which I find a huge plus point. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!"

Lisa B, Keston Park

"I started having PT sessions with Lucy when my daughter was about three months old. I was recovering from a c-section and an excess of pain au raisins! Lucy was brilliant at slowly increasing the intensity of my workouts, I went from barely being able to do one push up to doing multiple reps of 10 in one session. Lucy was great at making sure I stretched properly after each session so the next day wasn’t too sore, always a bonus when looking after a baby! 
As well as helping me get fit, Lucy was always happy to help me make better food choices. I’ve not had a pain au raisin since!"

Claire M, Chislehurst

Lucy's been amazing, I nearly have my pre-baby body back! My two friends and I meet Lucy once a week for a group session. We are all new mums and Lucy lets us bring our babies along, sometimes its chaos, but it's so convenient and nice we can keep our eyes on them. Lucy pushes us loads each week and keeps us motivated and encourages us to eat well throughout the week. Her Instagram page keeps me inspired, and she's always giving us new and more challenging exercises each week.Thanks Lucy!

Tamsin L, Beckenham

I began fitness training when my son was 5 months old, after a c-section, I felt extremely weak, soft and de-motivated. Lucy not only got me back in shape but brightened up my week! I did a one hour session each week with my sister, our friend and our 3 babies in tow. Each session was so encouraging and challenging. Lucy was so accommodating, not only to our individual fitness levels, and body goals, but to our children's needs as well. (My child was held and bounced in Lucy's arms!) In a matter of weeks my strength and stamina began to come back, and my pre-pregnancy jeans began to go on a little easier. I can't thank you enough Lucy! x

Zaraah N, Beckenham

Lucy is a fab personal trainer. As a mum who last went to the gym before my kids were born I was too intimidated to join a gym but wanted to get fitter. Lucy comes to my home so I can exercise in private. Her sessions are always interesting, fun and hard (but in a very good way!!). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Emma G, Bromley

Lucy has been instrumental in giving me my confidence back post baby no.3 - not only is she more than happy for me to bring bubs along to my sessions, which saves me having to arrange and pay for childcare - but she has a great knowledge and understanding of the stresses and strains that us mums have post-natally and works this into the sessions.


More so, Lucy has been an amazing motivator and has really emphasised the importance of nutrition alongside strength training! She checks in regularly and will even help to plan my weeks’ nutrition around nights out or holidays. 


My goal to loose the baby weight since starting with Lucy, is well underway! 


I absolutely love doing a doubles sessions with Lucy! 

They are fabulous and have allowed my friend and I to exercise while our babies play. 


Lucy gave me the confidence to start exercising again post-natally, and helped me slowly build my strength back up. 


I now have a broader knowledge on different types of foods and how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, whilst still enjoying food and living life without constantly being on a crash diet.


I started training with Lucy a few months ago and have can now really see and feel my progress. 


I have a very social lifestyle, a busy job and a home to run - all of which Lucy can relate to and has bundles of experience in. 


Lucy is helping me to find a flexible but effective approach to nutrition and training that suits my schedule and promotes a long term lifestyle change. Lucy is super knowledgable about nutrition and has so many tips on how to tweak certain meals to make them packed with protein. 


Since joining Lucy’s programme I’ve also been introduced to a WhatsApp support group, where other women who are clients of Lucy, regularly give me the boost I need, whether that be a quick recipe idea or inspiration to get my steps in or complete a workout. Thanks Lucy!


I’ve been training with Lucy for over a year now and quite simply, Lucy is amazing. 


Way more than a personal trainer; she is always available for questions, support and gives loads of nutritional advice. 


Lucy understands the pressures of working mum life and is flexible and motivating. 


Her work outs are varied, progressively difficult and even after a year I still ache after every session!


I’ve been training with Lucy for just over a year and in that time I’ve had a pregnancy, c-section and started navigating life as a working mum of two.


Lucy’s support has been invaluable. She ensured I remained strong and well during pregnancy so that my c-section recovery went smoothly, and she taught me so much about nutrition and movement, that my lifestyle has changed massively and I love exercise for the first time in 34 years! I can’t recommend Lucy enough!


My journey with Lucy so far has made me realise I should’ve started strength training sooner! 


I feel great after my sessions, my head is clear and already I have received compliments about my changing body which just motivates me to continue. 


Lucy is so kind and puts you straight at ease whilst educating you at the same time. 


Thank you Lucy, I’m excited to see more changes to my body!


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